Inspirational Visit for VI Pupils


On Friday we were fortunate to have a visit from Chris Day , Development Officer Disability / Inclusion from Albion In The Community (Brighton and Hove Football Club).  He came along to HiVis club and led a session on Blind and Partially Sighted Football.  The Toynbee pupils showed some real flair and skills and participated extremely well in all the activities.


Toynbee's New Arrival!


Following a very generous donation from Mr & Mrs Gillingham, the grandparents of Connor Coleman, and the PTA, we are delighted and lucky to have a defibrillator on the school site.  Defibrillators are simple and safe to use as the machine gives clear spoken instructions to the user.  The wonder of this defibrillator is that training is not necessary to use the device however, a number of our staff will be undertaking a training course later this month.  Toynbee can now proudly be lifesavers in the community.


Reading at Toynbee


As part of our drive to continuously improve standards of literacy amongst Toynbee students, two new reading initiatives have got off to a flying start this week. Over thirty Year 11 students have volunteered to become reading mentors to Year 8 students, and have undergone training in how to use key reading strategies to support students in this vital area. Reading well, as we know, is a fundamental life skill that is crucial for both academic performance and succeeding in life beyond formal education. Selected students will meet with their mentors weekly to read in the LRC. Secondly, an extra ‘Reading for Pleasure’ session has been allocated to all Year 7 tutor groups, during which time they will choose books to read in small groups and practise using different reading strategies, both with teachers and fellow students. Happy reading everyone!


Summer Music Concert


On Thursday 16th June, pupils, parents and staff gathered in the theatre for the annual Summer Concert. This year there was a stunning array of talent performing for everyone to enjoy, including everything from Ed Sheeran to Radetzky, and Andrew Lloyd Webber to our very own superband of the future, “Warning”!

It was an incredibly entertaining evening, with Pimms and Strawberries to enjoy, and a lovely way to celebrate all of the hard work in the music department this term. The summer concert is always tinged with a little sadness as we say goodbye to our Year 11s, and we wish them all the best for their futures. We must also thank Miss Parrott for all her hard work this year, and Mr J, who has been a great help to the department.

We look forward to what the next year will hold, as we have some very talented younger pupils coming through!

Year 7 Awards Evening


WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Year 7 Award winners last night.  This was a wonderful evening which celebrated and acknowledged the talents, skills, achievements and hard work of a wonderful year group.  Dance, music and baton twirling performances entertained parents and over 200 awards were presented to our students. 


Hampshire Book Awards



Selected Year 8 Students recently attended Applemore College for the regional voting day to select this year’s Hampshire Book Award winner. After reading all six shortlisted novels over the past few months, judging using a strict criteria and deciding on their personal favourites, these pupils spent the morning discussing the books and trying to argue and persuade others to vote for what they considered their favourite to win. A fun literature quiz at half time was enjoyed by all and as the excitement built, accompanied by a drumroll, the books were eliminated one by one on the big screen leaving the winner revealed as Lockwood & Co. - The Screaming Staircase by Johnathan Stroud. All six shortlisted books are available to borrow from the LRC and come highly recommended.


Science Leaders- Primary Links


On Friday 3rd July, twelve Science Leaders visited Fryern School to demo some enthusing science experiments.  Our pupils were very interactive while showing off awesome science such as dry ice, lazer light into jelly, Chemiluminescence, Colour changing redox reactions, squeaky coins, and elephant's toothpaste!


Our Science Leaders proved once again their ability to quickly adapt to new situations, to teach other pupils with ease and also to display and model such superb behaviour.  Well Done.


Toynbee Production in Daily Echo 


Little Shop of Horrors is a comedy horror musical about a strange and interesting plant with an unquenchable thirst for human blood. Seymour Krelborn a meek and dejected assistant at a floral shop happens to come upon the strange plant, which he affectionately names “Audrey II” after his crush at the shop. Just when it’s too late, Seymour discovers Audrey II’s extra-terrestrial origins and his true drive for world-domination.

The production was a great success; professional, humorous and musically exciting.  Pupils performed the show to a delighted audience of Primary school pupils on Monday and the whole of Year 7 on Friday, with a highly successful three night run as well.  Thanks to all the cast for giving everyone so much enjoyment.  What talented young people we have!  Well Done also to Miss Parrott, Acting Head of Drama & Mrs Riddell who directed the musical over the last 6 months.

Wimbledon Visit


On Monday 29 June, a group of talented year eight PE students from Toynbee School visited the first day of the Wimbledon Championships as a reward for their commitment to school clubs and teams. On arrival at the grounds, at 11am, we saw the BBC team getting ready to start their coverage of the event. Sue Barker was preparing to interview Tim Henman, John McEnroe and Lindsey Davenport so that was a real treat.


Before play began on our court we visited Centre Court where we sat in the front row admiring the grass. We then toured around the outside courts watching matches and soaking up the atmosphere. We took up our seats in Court No. 1 for the Serena Williams match at 1pm, which was followed by Kei Nishikori and Grigor Dimitrov who both won their games. We left at 8.30pm after a full day of tennis which we hope will inspire our pupils both in sports and in their academic work.


Year 9 & 10 Theatre Visit


On Wednesday 1st July, a group of year 9 and 10 pupils went to see an adaptation of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time at the Mayflower in Southampton.


Teachers who know the book were not sure how the story would be adapted for the stage and unsure what to expect.  Staff and pupils alike were hugely impressed by the production which was absolutely amazing.  As the lights went up, one year 10 pupil simply said ‘Awesome.’  We all agreed!


House Intra Sports!

Wed 1 July


Pupils in their house colours preparing for Intra Sports Day which is part of the lead up to Sports Day tomorrow.  House points will be hotly competed for as Drummond, Spitfire, Solent & Clarendon try to win the first ever Toynbee House Cup.


Toynbee's Great Literacy Day with visiting authors


On Wednesday, the English Department played host to two published children’s authors, both of whom spent the morning working with students in a variety of workshops and presentations. Michael Byrne, author of the recently published ‘Lottery Boy’ (shortlisted this week in the  Guardian's booklet of recommended books by independent booksellers), worked with invited groups of Year 7, 8 and 9 students, offering advice on how to write gripping and exciting opening chapters. The students were selected due to their commitment to Toynbee’s reading for pleasure drive over the past year.

Mary Hooper, a renowned writer of historical novels for children, including the Poppy series, also delivered a presentation to our able readers in Years 9 and 10, allowing them a fascinating insight into how she conducts historical research before beginning a new novel. Her latest book, ‘Poppy in the Field’, tells of a young nurse working at Netley Military Hospital during the First World War, bringing an interesting local dimension to the talk.

Rock Challenge!  Another Year, Another Final


I am writing to say a massive thank you to all of those who have helped with Rock Challenge this year and a huge well done to our extremely talented pupils.  I hope you will agree that our students were fabulous on the night and although we were a little disappointed at the allocation of awards, I cannot fault their performance. They should be very proud of their achievements and getting into the final itself, is not an easy task. However, this is something that Toynbee has managed every time we’ve entered and that speaks volumes about the standard of our performances and commitment from our pupils. I am extremely proud of the whole Rock Challenge cast, who have been outstanding from start to finish, working as a team to help with all aspects of the dance such as costumes, hair, make-up, and set. They have done everything that I have asked of them and more, rising to every challenge and overcoming a number of obstacles (including replacing the lead role on the day!!) This is the true spirit of Rock Challenge and these are skills and qualities that they will take with them through life. Never give up!!


I thought that our piece looked excellent on stage and injected a real sense of fun to the show, displaying a range of dance styles, drama skills and an original concept. It also sent a buzz through the auditorium amongst the other schools during rehearsals, they were very positive about our piece, cheering, applauding and posting comments all over twitter. I cannot express how proud I am of all our pupils and I hope that they have enjoyed the whole experience, taking with them many positive memories of the event. It was also commented by the staff from the special needs school; Mary Rose, how well behaved and polite our students were to share a dressing room with, a real credit to Toynbee.  Mrs Thompson


Year 8 Gifted & Talented Workshop at Southampton University


Southampton University played host today for our Year 8 Gifted and Talented Programme. Twenty six hard-working pupils got the fantastic opportunity to attend three university classes. In the first class pupils explored the reasons for the Cuban missile-crisis and considered the options available to resolve the issue. The second class saw the pupils visit the Astronomy department where they experienced a mobile planetarium that explained the logistics of the Rosetta space orbiter and pupils then investigated the cause of the northern lights. Finally pupils attended a Psychology session that helped pupils to appreciate subtly of micro-expressions that reveal a person’s real emotion and how it is helpful to be able to read these signals. As always the people were positively engaged and appreciated the amazing opportunity.


Personal Development Day

17 June 2015


Year 7

Fundraising for LEPRA, street dance, sport, healthy eating & de-stressing


Juggling skills!






Working out the calorie content and hidden sugars and fats in everyday meals


Year 8

Celebrating World Languages; studying the roots of the English language and revelling in the marvellous differences in food in the Bush Tucker trials eating Kangaroo, cockles, samphire, lychee, gnocchi & pomegranate.



Students learnt the basics of a language in a day - Arabic, Romanian & Mandarin



Language Market - pupils share the experiences, culture and food of their own homeland with others in the year group!




Year 9 - Led by the ARMY

Life skills, team building, challenge and competition



Followed by a good old game of England versus France!


& then a variety of problem solving activities which depended on great team work!



Year 10 - Preparing for the World of Work


Mock Interviews with business people, Interview skills, preparing a CV



Primary Link Languages Masterclass


Year 5 pupils attended from Knightwood, St. Francis and Fryern primary schools.  The theme was '2 Languages in 1 day'.  Great fun was had by all as we shopped for food and performed plays in French and Spanish set in a café. The help of the wonderful Year 9 Languages leaders was invaluable.  What a privilege it was to spend the day with these delightful young people!


Which House are YOU?


It's Sorting Week!

Today students witnessed  the launch of Toynbee's House System.  Coloured balloons representing each of the four houses - Drummond (Yellow), Solent (Blue), Clarendon (Red) Spitfire (Green) greeted them as they came through the school gates.  More balloons decorated the school site to remind students on their way to the Sorting Assembly to discover which house they been placed in.  Staff also wore the new house colours to show their allegiance.  More excitement beckons over the next three weeks when there will be competitions and activities based around designing the new house shields and mottos as well as voting for House captains.


On Wednesday the 10th of June the Year 10 Media Studies students started the exciting but also scary process of their final Controlled Assessment piece Unit 3: Practical Production. In this unit, pupils work completely independently to produce an actual media text, ranging from a website to a music video. The pupils' response was amazing; the students were buzzing with ideas and it was as if the room had transformed into a college classroom. We now wait with anticipation to see what these talented students create.


Year 7 Poetry Day

10 June



Performance Poet, Ricky Tart, launched the Year 7 poetry Day in great style. 

On Wednesday June 10th all of year 7 spent the whole day writing poetry with the support of Ricky Tart, a local performance poet and song writer.  The pupils enjoyed a performance from Ricky before writing their own work in groups.  Writing poetry is a difficult task for many writers, but year 7 rose ably to the challenge. 


Pupils were given the theme of ‘identity’ to interpret in way they wished, and the level of work they produced was incredibly impressive.  Pupils wrote haikus, kennings, RAPs and free verse poems about a range of subjects that have influenced them.  The day ended with a showcase of the amazing work that the pupils had put together. 


The pupils were very enthusiastic about poetry and when asked to comment on the day Damian said: “I enjoyed listening to the performances, and writing the poem was a lot of fun.” James commented “It was really cool.” While Faris said “It was amazing! It made me enjoy poetry because it was really active and creative.”  The final comment was from Saffie who said “It has made me realise that poetry isn’t always boring!”  A good day was clearly had by all. 


We are delighted that year 7 enjoyed the day so much and we look forward to welcoming Ricky to Toynbee again in the future.


Oxford University Trip - Year 9s


June 1st saw 5 lucky ‘Gifted and Talented ‘pupils visit Oxford University for the day as part of the Future Scholars Award which Toynbee was fortunate to be given. Pupils heard from the Head of House of St. Anne’s before attending a Maths lecture at the college. Pupils were then given a tour of Brasenose College, whose famous alumni include, amongst others, David Cameron and William Golding. After lunch pupils were given a hands-on tour of the Pitt Rivers Museum and to conclude the day, the pupils heard from current undergraduates about what a ‘typical’ university day entails. Our pupils were suitably inspired by the day and now have a greater understanding of the value of continuing into higher education.


Year 10 Trip to Italy - Half term

From Wednesday 27th May to Saturday 30th May the Geography department took 40 year 10 pupils on an awesome trip to Italy. During the action packed four days we climbed Vesuvius, explored Pompeii and Herculaneum, toured the Amalfi coast, smelled Solfatara Volcano, took the train to Sorrento, ate a lot of pasta, sampled some delicious pizza and tasted some fine ice cream. The aim of the trip was for students to experience living in the foothills of the active Vesuvius volcano and to witness first hand the devastation of the eruption which occurred approximately 2,000 years ago. The students were excellent and so well behaved. They were a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed their time in Italy.  Many thanks to Mr Bartlett, Miss Howson and Mr Lawrence for supporting the geography department with the trip.  Mrs Falcon.

Revision! Revision! Revision!


Click here


For Year 11s taking their GCSEs in June, and for Year 10s taking internal exams from 22 June, remember that GCSE Pod is an excellent resource, available to you and FREE!.  It covers most school subjects and you can download and listen to as many podcasts as you like.  Straightforward 3 minute sound bites that you can listen to any time, any place, anywhere as long as your mobile device is with you.


Forgotten how to log on?  Go to the home page, click on 'Login' then 'New user'.  Enter your name and DOB and select Toynbee School.  Your account is then created for you and you can set your own memorable password.


TOYNBEE - features in 'Teach Secondary' a leading educational magazine: May 2015


"Teach Secondary magazine visits a Hampshire School where excellent pastoral care and a keen focus on progress is producing excellent outcomes, both academic and otherwise."



"We are renowned for our strong student-teacher relationships, and are really proud of that."


" We certainly don't pay lip service to Pupil Voice here; the School Council has a very tough interview process and makes a real contribution..."


Copies of the full article can be obtained from newsagents and bookshops or on-line at


TOYNBEE - Ofsted Top 20% Exam Results - Nationally




Headteacher, Matthew Longden and all staff & pupils at Toynbee, are celebrating the latest Ofsted Data Dashboards which prove the school is in the top 20% nationally for English & Maths and 5A* - C GCSE.  These are outstanding achievements and show the rapid improvement the school has made over the last two years.


Children's University Success - Saturday 16 May 

Headteacher,  Matthew Longden joins Toynbee students and their families, to celebrate their success at Southampton University's 'graduation' ceremony on Saturday. 

"It was a great pleasure to see 6 pupils from Toynbee School graduate from the Children's University. The ceremony was a fitting testament to all their hard work and commitment to extra- curricular events and volunteering. It was also an honour to listen to a paralympic athlete, Aaron Phipps who made an inspiring speech.  Well done to all our graduates"



Year 7 Gifted & Talented challenge - Southampton University Fri 8 May


40 of our Year 7 ‘Gifted and Talented’ pupils attended a half-day workshop at Southampton University recently. The pupils learnt about the many courses available, what a ‘typical’ day might look like and got a tour of the campus where some of our pupils even got the unique opportunity to make a ‘pedal-powered smoothie’. The pupils were a real credit to the school and now have a greater awareness of what they need to do at school in order to get a university degree in the future.



Snooker Champion


A HAMPSHIRE teenager enjoyed his first taste of champagne after being crowned champion of a regional snooker circuit.  Steven Hughes survived a tense day of unexpected twists and turns to finish top of the Cuestars South of England Under-21 Bronze Tour rankings.  “Last Sunday was the best time of my life,” declared the 13-year-old from Chandler’s Ford.  He will receive his trophy from professional Joe Perry on finals day in Swindon on May 17 and play an exhibition frame against the world number nine.  Extract from report by Tim Dunkley World Snooker Coach.

Toynbee Students raise £770 for Autism Charity - 30 April



A representative from the 'Autism Hampshire' accepted a £770 cheque today from the Year 11 Student Leadership Charity Fundraising Team.  The money will support a range of front line services in the charity such as their helpline, information and support services and family residential packages.  Georgia, from NAS, was very appreciative of the awareness campaign that pupils had delivered in assemblies as well as cake sales, sports matches and bric a brac sales to raise this splendid amount of money.


Duke of Edinburgh- Bronze Expedition in New Forest 25-26 April


On the 25th and 26th of April, 30 students from Year 10 embarked on their practise expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, organised by Miss Cridland in conjunction with ‘Amphibia.’  Setting off from Lyndhurst, all five groups walked between 12km and 14Km through the beautiful New Forest, using their new founded compass and map skills to navigate their team to base camp at Ferny Crofts where they spent the night.  Once at camp, students had to put up their tents and cook dinner on camp stoves.  Pasta and sauce along with curry and rice was high on the menu for most groups. Though the weather turned against us later that evening, it didn’t dampen spirts and students enjoyed time playing Frisbee and relaxing those tired feet!!


The next morning, all the groups were up early, cooking breakfast and striking camp ready for another day of walking through the forest heading back to Lyndhurst. Tired but full of enthusiasm they headed off for Lyndhurst. Everyone had a great time and lots of new skills were learnt which will put them in a good stead for their assessment in June.


Year 7 Study Trip to St Paul's Cathedral London, Thur 24 April


On Thursday 23rd April, 33 Year 8 pupils went on the annual RS Trip to St Paul’s Cathedral.  After battling our way through the London traffic, we had lunch in the sunshine outside the Cathedral and then embarked on the guided tour ‘Discover St Paul’s’ during which pupils had the opportunity to learn about the history, art and architecture of the Cathedral.  The guide was impressed with the behaviour and responses of the pupils and one of them even managed to stump the guide with a question about why there were statues of Greek gods in a Christian place of worship! 

After the tour, most pupils climbed the 600 steps to the top of the Cathedral and were rewarded with stunning panoramic views of London.  The tour and the trip in general will enhance pupils’ understanding and progress in RS, as well as increase their general knowledge of St Paul’s Cathedral and London.

All pupils were exemplary in their behaviour and engagement in the activities, we returned to school a little later than expected due, once again, to the London traffic.  Overall, the travelling time is seen as a small price to pay for this exciting opportunity to see one of the world’s most iconic religious buildings and one of the world’s greatest capital cities.


Toynbee's Catering Academy Celebrates St George's Day


A full roast beef dinner along with specially decorated cakes helped pupils celebrate our National Day.





Toynbee school organised its third Paralympic day earlier this week, specifically designed for young people with additional needs, including physical and sensory impairments, as well as severe learning disabilities. Over 50 pupils from 6 different Hampshire schools attended the event, enjoying a range of activities such as Judo, Blind Football, Goalball, Boccia and Cycling.   Local coaches were kind enough to provide their time and expertise, including a Paralympian. A local superstore kindly donated healthy drinks and snacks as refreshment for the participants.  The day ran like clockwork, mainly due to the superb support from over 20 Toynbee Young Sports Leaders, who did an amazing job throughout the day.  The feedback from the visiting schools and activity leaders as well as the young people has been outstanding,  and a fantastic day was had by all.





The last 3 days of the Spring Term saw 14 of our ‘Gifted’ pupils attend a 3 day residential at Kingswood Activity Centre on the Isle of Wight. Whilst the weather was not as warm as it could have been the pupils were in high spirits with the anticipation of the activities on offer. Over the three days pupils engaged in a varied programme focussing on problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and physical and mental challenges.


The ‘leap of faith’ was very popular amongst the pupils and it was great to see pupils setting personal targets that were achieved and surpassed due to emotional resilience and camaraderie from their peers. Some of the activities allowed the pupils to reflect on their leadership styles and ways that this could be nurtured in the future. The pupils were a real credit to the school and the group were largely defined by their self-motivation to achieve and by the warm support that they gave each other throughout the trip. I know the pupils found the residential exciting and challenging and I look forward to working with them and another 26 Year 7 ‘Talented’ pupils on Friday 8th May when there is a trip planned to Southampton University.  Mr Tudjman.

MEDIA Easter Revision Classes


On Friday the 17th of April, GCSE Media students demonstrated their commitment to their course by attending an Easter revision session. Students competed in a quiz, played games and finished the morning presenting their answers to exam style questions.




to our newly elected

Student Leadership Team 2015-16


After a gruelling application process which required our candidates to be filmed making their campaign speeches which were shown to the whole school in an extended tutor time, a day of voting, as well as a written letter of application and an interview in front of a five strong panel which included the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher, we are delighted to show off our new Student Leadership Team.  This team will be responsible for charity fundraising, leading parts of the new house system coming next year, allocating prefects, leading the School Council and representing the school at a number of events.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing team and wish our new very talented team all the best.



Head Boy and Girl with their deputies



Science Week

23 - 27 March


On Monday 23rd of March, forty Year 8 and 9 pupils travelled to Chessington Park of Adventures as part of Toynbee's involvement in National Science Week activities.  Pupils enjoyed a wildlife trail along with an exploration of the Sea Life Centre in order to identify the many endangered species of animals hosted by the Park.   Lastly, pupils completed a challenging Science quiz to put their learning in context.  Overall it was an enjoyable trip; our pupils behaved superbly.   Mrs Piccinino.


Chemistry Lecture

25 March



On Wednesday 25th March, 14  Gifted & Talented were invited to attend a Chemistry lecture which was presented by Nick Barker of University of Warwick.  The lecture started with a discussion about the important issues our planet is experiencing at the moment; global warming, fossil fuels and energy sources for example. This was followed by a very exciting lecture on Chemistry.  The lecture was adapted for Year 10s in order to challenge them with  the important concepts of chemistry. The aim of the whole lecture was to enthuse and encourage pupils to take up A level Chemistry.


Democracy in Action!



Toynbee's Polling Booth, set up for the day to count the votes to decide who will be our new Head Boy and Girl.  Candidates recorded their election speeches which were televised across the school in an extended tutor time this morning, with voting taking place throughout the day.  Voting was completely voluntary with approximately 80% of the school community exercising their right to vote. 




Southern Region Maths Finalists

Fri 20 March


UK Mathematics Trust Team Challenge, Regional Finals, 20th March 2015

The Toynbee Year 8 and 9 Mathematics Team attended the Regional Finals of the UK Mathematics Trust Team Challenge competition on Friday at the Horris Hill School in Newbury. Our four boys performed extremely well in four rounds of arduous competition and came 8th out of 27 teams. They were a credit to the school in their effort and dedication and did themselves proud in competition amongst the best young mathematicians in the south-east region.



12 March


Pictured above are the Under 13 Girls Rugby team at the Hampshire Championships.  Their pool results were amazing:

Toynbee 40 Priestlands B 10; Toynbee 25   Perins 10; Toynbee 35 Testbourne 10


This qualified them for the top four play off. Results were: Toynbee 10 Perins 5;Toynbee 0 Priestlands 10; Toynbee 45 IOW Free School 0


This meant the girls finished second in Hampshire and are now through to represent Hampshire at the regional finals on 21st April.



11 March


Pictured above are the Toynbee Under 13 boys and girls Handball Teams who have excelled in their recent competitions.  Both teams won the Hampshire Championships and are through to represent Hampshire in the South Region Finals in April 



11 March


Toynbee have once again hosted the Visually Impaired Southern Regional Boccia Competition this week.  With a Toynbee pupil holding the current National Award, the stakes were high!  From a competition involving 18 pupils from across the region, we once again triumphed, with Toynbee pupils taking Gold and Bronze medals.  This means they both qualify for the National Competition in Nottinghamshire in July.



12 March


Today we have had 39 year 6 pupils from Fryern who were taught about good and bad microbes. It was a hands on lesson where pupils had to taste different cheeses and yogurts whilst blindfolded.  Pupils also collected some microbes from around the science lab  and planted them for growth onto a Petri dish. Next week they’ll  come back for a second lesson to continue their research and analyse their findings.  Our Science Leaders were extremely helpful and actively involved in delivering the session.  


STEM DAY @ Barton Peveril

9 March


STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths is a national programme designed to enthuse and give information to girls about career opportunities in these areas.  Our Year 9 girls attended a Light show at Barton Peveril sixth form college, along with other STEM workshops: 'Exploring Epidemics' with Maths, 'Programmable Photography' with the Raspberry Pi, 'The Robotics Challenge' and 'Fun in Physics.'





raising £533










Houses of Parliament

2 March


'History, Politics and Law Making' - 23 students from Years 7 to 10 had an exciting day visiting the House of Commons and House of Lords. They were given a personal guided tour around the Palace of Westminster. The session ended with an audience with our local MP Steve Brine who skilfully answered some probing and insightful questions. As ever students were exemplary.  

Matthew Longden, Headteacher







Well Done and congratulations to our team of talented dancers, technicians, stage hands and dramatists for creating a superb dance last night at Southampton Guildhall.  The Scooby Doo theme was highly creative and much enjoyed by the audience.  Our talented students came second, 'pipped to the post' by just two marks but won an incredible 11 out of the 13 categories for choreography, pupils' dance choice and stage crew for example. All staff and students should feel very proud of our talented students who performed so well.


Literary Quiz 26 Feb



Toynbee’s team came third in the regional heat of the Hampshire Literature Quiz recently held at Romsey School. The team did Toynbee proud and battled through some challenging literature based rounds of 10 questions each round, including myths and legends, a picture round, a numbers round and missing words, also using their “Joker” to double their score on one round. The host team from Romsey School were the winners of this regional heat, but all the team scores were very close.



12 February


Year 7

'Inspirational People & their Teams'


Francis Benali kicked off a day of inspirational speakers and activities focused on understanding the qualities of inspirational people who perform valuable, worthwhile and significant roles in our society and linking this to the teams they build, work with and rely upon. 



Year 8

'The Reality & Myths of being a Teenager in Eastleigh in 2015'

Pupils researched images of teens in the media as well as teenage role models & peer pressure, then analysed the opportunities and activities available to them in the local community.  Sessions included discussions on what issues concerned them and what they can do to tackle these.  During the final part of their day, pupils wrote their own charter for teenagers which included their hopes for wider world as well as their role & involvement in the local community.



Year 9

'Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Reducing the Risk'



Pupils experienced the effects of alcohol by wearing VI simulation goggles as part of a day which focused on keeping themselves safe in today's world.  They rotated through a series of sessions which informed them about esafety, drugs, sex, positive relationships and alcohol education,



Year 10

'Bright Futures; Enterprise education & teamwork'



An external provider enabled Year 10s to improve their problem solving and collaborative skills as well as develop and extend their aspirations for their future. 

Year 11

'Focus on the Core - English, Maths & Science'

Students experienced intensive revision and skills sessions in the core subjects to help them prepare for the GCSEs later this year.


U14 Girls Football Champs!


Well Done to our U14 Girls football team who won the 'Team of the Year' award at the prestigious Eastleigh Sports Awards.  The girls won the 11 a side Hampshire Cup, and the Southampton 6 a side championships, which meant they represented Southampton in the National Finals in Manchester.


Junior Disability Sportsperson of the Year



This beautiful award was received last night at the Eastleigh Sports Awards at the Ageas Bowl.  It is presented to someone who has achieved personal milestones in their sport over the last year or exceeded performance goals.  The sportsperson must also have acted as a positive role model and inspiration to others within the borough of Eastleigh. 


PTA Fundraising


Pupils and staff at Toynbee are delighted to receive a cheque for £500 raised by the Parents Teachers Association for Rugby kit.  Pupils have received a proper fitted rugby shirt, shorts and socks so that they are not having to play in their normal Pe kit.  This will improve performance, boost confidence and acts as a reward to those teams that have really taken to rugby and showed great commitment and progress in their training and at fixtures.


Yr 10 Challenge Days at Southampton University

3rd & 5th February


Fourteen of our Year 10 pupils attended 2 days at Southampton University.  The first day involved researching infectious diseases with a focus on the scenario of a smallpox outbreak.  The second day saw the pupils work on a presentation which was delivered to judges with the pupils competing against 10 other schools in Hampshire.  The pupils were a real credit to the school and displayed outstanding research and presentation skills; their group work, leadership and work ethic was inspiring to watch.



Harry Potter Book Night


What a magical evening!  Seventy Five wand carrying wizards and witches from Fryern, Merdon, St Francis & Crescent Primary schools, attended 'Hogwarts' school last night to take part in Potions, Defence against the Dark Arts and Quidditch classes.  Uniform standards were very high with all four houses putting in a good effort for their team.  Prizes were awarded for best 'character' costume, posters and the quiz.








Here at Toynbee School - 5.30-7.30 5th Feb


Dress up as your favourite character and join in Potions & Defence against the Dark Arts Lessons as well as Quizzes and an amazing Quidditch Match!



Department for Education

League Table Results

Confirm Toynbee's outstanding results in 2014



Year 11 Mock Results

29 Jan 2015


Today Year 11s were told in assembly that they have only 50 days left to revise, work hard and strive for success in their GCSE exams.  To give the pupils a taste of what is to come in August, they were issued with the results of their mocks as if it were the real thing.  Tutors had their 'envelopes' ready to hand out at the end of the assembly and pupils were able to reflect on the grades and what this might mean for their future. 



Drummer James Birt

returns to Toynbee

James Birt returned to Toynbee school this week, inspiring and amazing years 7, 8 & 9 in morning assemblies with his superb drumming skills.  James attended Toynbee School, the designated Hampshire school for pupils with a visual impairment, in the millennium year 2000.


During his school years, both his teachers and LSAs knew that James had a particular talent in drumming, as he was always drumming on the tables with his pens!  James is a multi-talented musician; he achieved his Trinity Guildhall Grade 8 drum kit by the age of 13, grade 6 on piano when he was 15 , then gained an A* in GCSE Music at 16.  After studying at Fareham College, where he also taught drums, James' career launched fully in 2006 when he won the 'UK National Young Drummer of the Year' award.  Now James has his own production company called 'Clik' and as well as being an in-demand session musician, James is a highly sought after and well recommended producer.

£2,000 donation to

Teenage Cancer Trust

20 Jan 2014


The Student Leadership team proudly presented their cheque to Beth Bartlem from the Teenage Cancer Trust this morning.  She told the pupils that their donation would 'make a big difference' to the unit where teenagers are treated for cancer.  She was amazed by the range of events they had organised and impressed with their commitment.  Well Done to the whole school who got behind this important fund raising campaign.


WORLD Prize!

Jan 2015

Brandnon with his prize


Congratulations to Brandon Hulcoop in Year 8 who has been awarded his prize of over £600 and this fantastic medal for winning the 2014 Onkyo World Braille Essay Contest.  We are delighted with Brandon's success and wish him all the best for the future.  Here is what Brandon has to say,


" When my Dad read out the words on the plaque to me, I was shocked because I'd not just won the European finals but the World finals.  Out of all those people, I am proud and pleased that there is a UK winner who currently goes to Toynbee.  If it hadn't been for all my LSAs, teachers and my parents, I wouldn't be where I am.  I remember writing the essay and also the long wait last September for the news to come through.  When Mum told me the news she said, 'Brandon I think you've just won rather a lot of money!'  Last Wednesday I received a parcel from Japan with my award and cheque inside. It's really brilliant and I would like to thank Mrs Taylor and everyone at looking at this right now."


Southampton University Science Dept

Family Lectures Sat 10 Jan 2015


'On Saturday 10th January I went with my parents to see a Science lecture at Southampton University called Kitchen Chemistry. It was called this because you can accomplish all the chemistry experiments at home using kitchen equipment, with the right precautions. The presenter, Dr Ashworth, was a humorous man who made lots of  funny jokes during his lecture.  He performed many experiments and explained them as he went with the correct scientific terms.   My favourite experiment was when he poured a little bit of paraffin in a water cooler jug which he swished around and shook to vaporise the paraffin. Afterwards he tipped out any excess liquid before turning the lights off.   Finally, he put a flame to it and suddenly, a big explosion of blue fire erupted inside the water cooler causing no harm to the container itself.  Dr Ashworth used this experiment to explain the use of fuel in cars. Overall, I enjoyed the show and would gladly go to see another.  Kyra White Year 7




Congratulations to Steven from Year 9 who is now the South of England Under 21 Cuestars Champion, following a very challenging round of competitions yesterday in Woking.  Well Done Steven - a bright future ahead for you.   


LEGO Mindstorms WINNERS!


Team Toynbee techies had a great day out at the First Lego League competition at Winchester Science Centre.  Their project, which saw them create a prototype for an electronic design to help young children learn to ride a bike, went down a storm with judges gaining them the Lego Trophy.  As well as a successful win, the team were grilled by a panel of judges and were successfully awarded a nationally recognised Silver Crest Award.  A big well done and what a great day! Miss Wilkins, Head of New Technologies.


VI Rowing - 2 Golds & a Bronze!


 Ten pupils from the VI resource base took part in the Hampshire Schools Rowing Competition last week at Barton Peveril College.  They competed against many other schools in a highly competitive morning.  We are delighted to say that the pupils were victorious, returning to school with two Gold medals and one bronze - a really great achievement with some personal best performances.  WELL DONE to all of those who took part.  Mrs Wynne.


On the back of the superb VI success we are also pleased to celebrate the other Toynbee students who picked up another seven medals (2 Golds, 2 Silvers and 3 Bronze) in the afternoon events.  This is the Hampshire Championships so the standard is high. Congratulations on the great effort!  Mr Magee.


Media Trip to BBC London

The Year 10 Media and Film students enjoyed a day out in London visiting the BBC Studios. They saw first-hand how the news was gathered and presented, visited The One Show studio and had a go at making a drama radio programme. They were thrilled to bump into, TV presenter and singer Mylee Class, although it was Mrs Jones who was most excited. An inspiring day had by all and a possible news anchor was discovered...see picture below!


G&T Chemistry Lecture @Southampton University


On Wednesday 10th December, fifteen year 9  pupils  went to Southampton University for an exciting Christmas Chemistry Lecture.  There were two brief talks about Biology and Chemistry, and then Professor Ian B Dunne gave the third and final lecture demonstrating some awesome scientific experiences and experiments. There was a dry iced banana hammering a nail into wood, a hair dryer changing the colour of painted ping-pong balls, and glow-in-the-dark rubber ducks!  Overall, a very fun and interesting afternoon which everyone really enjoyed!  Year 9 pupil. 


Chandler's Ford Methodist Church

WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS to the Music Department and all of the pupils who performed in the Carol Service last night.  This is a particularly important community occasion for the school which is reflected in the fact that a sixth of our pupils took part in celebrating the Christmas message.  This year, everyone commented on the readings by our Student Leadership Team.  They were relevant and poignant, reminding the congregation of the origins of the traditions of Christmas, the memorable First World War football match on Christmas Day, the nativity, and prayers of peace for those involved in current conflicts and crisis.  The evening was delightful and our THANKS also to the Friends of Toynbee Music who continue to do all they can to raise funds for the musical equipment for pupils.



Fresh from the recording studios where they have completed their first ep, Warning will be appearing at 'Talking Heads' this Wednesday 10th of December.  Former and current Toynbee pupils Joe Sammons, Harry Kingston and Olly Hambrook will be the headliners at this event.


All welcome pay on the door and say that you have come to see Warning.  Toynbee Rocks!


FREE BOOKS for Year 7s

3 Dec

There is great excitement amongst our Year 7 pupils and a real “Bookbuzz” around the school as each of them is given a new book to keep, read and enjoy. To encourage Year 7 with their reading, and to support our literacy focus on reading, the School (in conjunction with a donation from the PTA) have funded a FREE BOOK for every pupil in the year group, chosen from The Booktrust’s Bookbuzz Scheme selection.


AGE CONCERN Carol Service

3 Dec


"What a lovely afternoon of singing at the Chandlers Ford Methodist Church today.  Toynbee pupils were brilliant; it was so wonderful to hear the songs sung so well.  Congratulations and thank you for such a memorable afternoon."  OAP at Concert.



Some of our Year 9 pupils recently went to Winchester Guildhall to see Chris Bradford, the winner of the 2014 Hampshire Book Award, receive his trophy. Last year these pupils read all six nominated books from the shortlist for the Award and Bodyguard – Hostage by Chris Bradford was chosen as the winner by all the Hampshire schools taking part. Chris gave an action packed talk about his books and writing and became a fully qualified bodyguard and martial arts expert in order to write with accuracy.  (Toynbee Pupils at the front of this Official photograph)

G&T Yr 9 Winners


On Monday 1st December 2014, 15 selected Gifted and Talented students went on a trip to Southampton University to give them a better understanding about what they might want to be when they have to choose their career. The students heard a talk from the one of the co-founders of Question Me UK, an enterprise set on inspiring young students to have a good and well-paying job. The pupils then attended a Masterclass on possible careers within the Computing industry. After lunch, the students had to prepare a presentation on what qualifications and qualities are needed to attend specific university courses. This presentation was competitive and I am proud to reveal that Toynbee School won the presentation and each pupil received a £5 Amazon voucher.  Written by pupil S G-K


Presentation Evening

27 Nov


Congratulations once again to our pupils of 2014 who put Toynbee in the Top 5 performing schools in Hampshire.  Awards evening brought this successful year group together once more to receive their certificates and prizes - some of the top performers above with the Principal of Eastleigh College Dr Jan Edrich.


'Science Live', London



Year 8 & 9 pupils enjoyed a day of exciting experiments and lectures designed to enthuse and prepare students for GCSE science exams in two years time.  The show comprised of  five different lectures, in which well-known scientists delivered cutting edge discoveries across all three sciences. As usual, Sir Robert Winston presented a lecture on the pros and cons of modified genes.  Our pupils were engaged and interested throughout the day and even very patient during our very long four hour journey back from London!




43 year 10 historians journeyed to the WW1 battlefields in Belgium, visiting the Passchendaele Museum, Tyne Cot Commonwealth Cemetery and Langemark Germany Cemetery. They also visited Essex Farm cemetery which is where the youngest British soldier, Valentine Strudwick, is buried, as well as being where John McCrae wrote his famous poem ‘In Flanders Field’.    The Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate in Ypres offered a poignant occasion to remember the fallen soldiers of the war and two of our pupils were given the opportunity to lay a wreath, during a very busy ceremony, on behalf of Toynbee.  Visiting the Menin Gate was a moving experience for our pupils and two of them even found where their relatives names had been remembered on it. 



On the second day of the trip pupils visited some preserved trenches at Sanctuary Wood, the ‘In Flanders Field’ Museum in Ypres, before the final stop at a Belgium chocolate shop.  The trip was a fantastic opportunity for students in the centenary year of the outbreak of WW1, and their fantastic behaviour was praised by many locals, officials an members of the public, throughout the trip.   Miss Butler


27 Nov


Pop duo SD*JEM who have toured extensively with Cher Lloyd this summer, performed their songs to a packed Year 9 audience.  Their songs and presentation include a strong anti drugs message. 


FRYERN Primary Links

8 members of Toynbee’s History Club visited Fryern Junior School as part of Fryern’s World War One week.  Pupils taught year 3 classes about the different ways wars have been fought, before deciding on what the most horrifying part of fighting in World War One was.  They also taught year 5 the causes of World War One and were very impressed with year 5’s understanding.  Pupils at Fryern commented on how much they had enjoyed the day and the teachers all said how professional Toynbee’s pupils were when teaching their lessons. Well done and thank you to all involved!  Miss Butler


PTA Christmas Fair

21 Nov

Raises over £900 for Toynbee School







TOTAL incredible

£1,769 !


WELL DONE and THANKS to the Student Leadership team, seen here counting the money at the end of their week of charity fundraising.  They put in a huge amount of effort and time to make the week memorable and worthwhile for everyone with a range of thought provoking and poignant assemblies, fun events and lots of energy.  All funds raised will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.


Carnival Time

Saturday 15 November saw a party of Toynbee pupils, staff and friends head off to Somerset for a shopping visit to Clarks Village at Street followed by a short trip to Glastonbury for the evening carnival procession. This spectacular free street procession, the last of the six main November Somerset town processions and comprising of nearly 100 highly decorated and animated floats, drew gasps of amazement and appreciation from a crowd estimated at 25,000. Bob Dyer who organised the trip said 'For the majority of the Toynbee party, this was their first experience of this incredible event. I'm so pleased everyone enjoyed an enthralling parade'. 



Hampshire School Sports Federation

We are extremely proud of one of our Year 10 VI pupils who has just been awarded the Michael Harlick Outstanding Young Sportsperson Trophy for Disability Sport.  He was presented with his well-earned award last week at Ashburton Hall in Winchester in front of a packed hall of fellow sportspeople and council members.  This is a much deserved recognition for our pupil who never lets the fact that he has a visual impairment get in the way of his goals.  Well Done & CONGRATULATIONS!  Mrs Wynn.


Geography Quiz team

Tue 11 Nov


The Geography department fielded a strong year 9 and year 10 team at the 2014 Eastleigh Geography Consortium Quiz. Toynbee won the trophy in 2008 and 2013 and we were hoping to do the same again. Both teams did really well and enjoyed the evening, however, our best result was achieved by the year 9 team who were just two points off first place with 101 points. Well done to all eight pupils and we look forward to trying to win back the trophy next year. Mrs Falcon



Monday 10 Nov


The charity fundraising week co-ordinated by the Pupil Leadership Team in which they hope to raise £2000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, got off to a great start.  Year 7s donated their Christmas Boxes full of toys, gifts and cards to the Rotary Group and Year 9s arranged a Leg Waxing dare!



Tuesday 11 Nov

Year 10s arranged - Sponge Throwing





Wednesday 12 Nov

Year 8s held a Grand Cake sale



Thursday 12 Nov

Yr 11s arranged a very popular Sponsored Staff Karaoke.

Performing to a packed theatre, staff performed their renditions of Ice Ice Baby, Respect, Don't You Want Me Baby? Summer Days & Let it Go to raise funds for charity.




Friday 13 Nov

Year 7s arranged a Staff v Student Sports event called 'Beat the Teacher' while the Student Leadership Team made all the arrangements for Non School Uniform Day






A packed Sports Hall; a solemn and respectful gathering of pupils who volunteered to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.


Primary Links


Year 6 pupils from our feeder schools have been receiving  weekly cookery lessons at Toynbee for two hours each week.  Pupils have enjoyed using our excellent facilities and had lots of fun with their Toynbee mentors learning how to prepare and cook tasty food.




We are delighted to hear about the latest success of 'Warning' a band consisting of three Toynbee pupils and one from up the road!  This young band are making waves in the local area and they are well worth seeing if you want a good night out.  This photo was taken from their appearance at the Alresford Music Festival in the Summer and their recent headlining appearance at Talking Heads.  If you like going to live music events and enjoy rock then the band would appreciate your support very much.


Follow the band on Facebook

Year 8 Monks Brook Field Trip

24 Oct


40 Year 8 pupils visited Monks Brook to carry out geography fieldwork with trainee teachers from the University of Southampton.  Pupils worked in groups of ten and visited three sites along the river.  They measured the cross section and pebble size as well as finding out the gradient and velocity of the river.  Pupils behaved professionally and were highly praised by the visiting teachers.  The results of their findings will be entered into a national data base.





Personal Development Learning

21 Oct


Every year group in the school focused on a very different type of curriculum today.  Alongside what we know as the formal curriculum we also want to cover specific topics to better prepare our young people for their future and to broaden their outlook on the world community of which they are a part.


Year 10

'Diversity & Multiculturalism'





Year 10 explored multicultural issues arising from films such as 'Bend it Like Beckham' and also had the chance to join in Bollywood Dance & Drumming workshops.  Presentations and films made of their own work were shown at the end of the day to celebrate their understanding and new skills.

Year 7

'Fairtrade & Enterprise'



Year 7 spent the early part of their day learning about the history of slavery and the ethics of the fairtrade brand before designing a campaign for their own product to be judged by a governors panel in the afternoon.  The winning team below.


Year 9

'Careers & Choices'




Year 9 started their day with a presentation about choices and options and subjects available to them at GCSE.  This was followed by time on line with a careers questionnaire which enabled them to focus on qualifications, career families and suitable courses.  Expert help was on hand from the world of work with representatives from a broad range of careers.  Our thanks to the parents, governors, local businesses and public servants who gave up their time to share their experiences of work with our pupils. 


Year 8

'Democracy & Law Making'





Year 8 pupils learned how our parliament was formed, how it works and the impact it has on our daily lives.  They followed this up with a session on the process of making laws before working in groups to decide on a law they would change or introduce.  A hectic voting hour during the afternoon saw the best ideas from each group presented and proposed. 


Year 11

'CVs, Interviews & College'



Year 11 pupils were keen to engage in what is a very relevant area for them; preparing for life after Toynbee.  They received sessions on how to write their cvs, how to prepare for a job or college interview and also how to go through the process of job and college application.  Once again, careers advisers and experts from the world of business and local post 16 education were on hand to support our pupils with advice and guidance.


PTA Quiz

THANKS & WELL DONE to our fantastic team of PTA fundraisers who organised an extremely successful and fun-filled evening for over a hundred keen 'quizers' last night.  Governors, staff & parents entered teams to test their general knowledge with delicious refreshments provided by the PTA to boost their brain power through each round.  With £370 raised, the team are very pleased with the end result of all their efforts for the school. 


Toynbee Bake Off - Week Three



The Headteacher and PTA judged the technical bakes this week. Students had been especially creative with their recipes for cheesy bread, naan, focaccia, loaves, plaits, twists and rolls with the winner being a sundried tomato crescent plait.  WELL DONE to everyone involved; it is amazing to see what you are producing.


Post 16 Evening



College courses, apprenticeships, careers and opportunities for life after Toynbee were being hotly investigated last night as parents and Year 11 pupils toured the range of stalls and displays on offer, gaining lots of useful advice and making plans for the important years ahead.


'F.A.S.C.I.N.A.T.I.N.G.'  Braille

Oct 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to one of our Year 8 VI pupils who has won a prestigious writing competition and bagged himself a £1,000 prize.  The competition run by Euroblind, launched a world wide Braille writing competition and from 62 entries originating from 21 countries, our pupil came first in the Junior section.  We are all very proud and his essay is a poignant delight to read.  Read his winning entry here.


G&T and Southampton University

Oct 2014


Congratulations to four of our ‘Gifted and Talented’ pupils for each receiving a £25 cheque from Southampton University in recognition for their efforts in and around our school. We have been forging close links with the University over the last 18 months and were fortunate enough to receive a prize for one pupil in each Year Group who our staff think ‘raise the bar’ for other pupils in lessons and extra-curricular clubs and help to create a culture of aspiration. It was difficult for staff to choose only one pupil from each year group as so many of our pupils embody our values of ‘personal best’ and resilience. Well done to each of our recipients, I’m sure with Christmas on the horizon they will save it up for presents for their hard-working teachers! 


'Future Chef' - local round winners!

WELL our Year 8 & 9 pupils who have got through to the next round of the 'Future Chef' competition.  Their challenge was to cook a meal for two, for under £5 in less than an hour.  Their imaginative and sophisticated menus featured Pork Stroganoff with lemon rice and mussels in a white wine sauce with sour dough bread.


Robots at the Ready

Oct 2014


Students from year 7 and year 8 have made a great start to the Lego challenge.  They have built the challenge table and are now busy programming their robots to autonomously complete a series of missions on a specialised field and to score as many points as possible.  As part of the competition the pupils have to complete a project about this year's theme, World Class Education. I wonder what they will come up with this time?


The students are having great fun solving the challenges on the board and adapting their robots to suit the challenge.  great work Toynbee Techies!!!


 Toynbee Bake Off

Oct 2014


As the ever popular BBC's 'Great British Bake Off' moves into the semi final stage, Toynbee's own Bake Off challenge has commenced.  Over 20 young bakers have entered the after school competition run by the Food Technology Dept with judges coming from all areas of school life (governors, caretakers, support staff as well as teachers) to assess the delicious bakes on offer.  Who knows if one of these young people will be the next 'Martha'?

GCSE Exam Results!

Top 5 in HANTS

74% 5 A*-C

including English and Maths


Award Winning young coders inspired to build the future

Summer 2014

  Josh & James pictured above with Festival of Code judge Bill Liao of CoderDojo.


The 'Festival of Code', a national event aimed at encouraging young people to make software, recently brought together more than 1,000 coders aged 19 and under.  The event was organised by non-profit organisation Young Rewired State.  The 'Best in Show' award was won by a team of six pupils including James McQueen and Josh de Kock from Toynbee School.  Their entry, called YouDraw, is a crowd-sourced video animation platform which allows users to submit a YouTube video for animating by community members, with random frames to draw.  WELL DONE to Josh & James for developing this exciting animation code.  Great things beckon for the future!


First Day at Toynbee!

Year 7s settling in well over lunch in the new canteen




NEW Student Leadership Team elected!

After a gruelling round of applications by letter, presentations to their year group and a final interview with the Headteacher's Panel we are delighted to announce that we now have a new Student Leadership Team who will be leading the pupil community next academic year.  CONGRATULATIONS!