Leadership Team 'Garden of Relaxation'


Huge Congratulations to the working party led by our Deputy Head Girl, who re-designed, re-vamped and overhauled a very overgrown & neglected area of the school site to create a beautiful haven of peace and relaxation over the Easter holidays.  Borders were dug, benches built, seating areas created and wildflowers sown.  A new rose strewn archway creates a fantastic entrance to the rather magical area which has mobiles & wind chimes in the trees and wooden logs for seating.  Inspirational words such as 'Carpe Diem' & 'Inspire' 'Believe' 'Relax' have been etched into the logs to compliment the mood in the garden. This is the final project for this academic year's Pupil Leadership Team who will be taking their GCSEs this summer.  This delightful project is a fitting finale for a successful team who have raised over £3,000 for charity projects and contributed so much to the school community during their tenure.  We would like to thank them for all of their hard work and time and wish them every success in the future.



Our sincere thanks also to Shawyers Tree Specialists who kindly donated the wooden log seats and to Draper Tools who donated a fantastic prize for our raffle to raise funds for the plants & architecture.


Toynbee Award Winners


Well Done to our Year 9 students above who received CONGRATULATIONS from the Headteacher for reaching the amazing milestones of 150, and 250, Achievements Points during this academic year.  This award recognises pupils who have a positive attitude to school and more importantly their hard work and consistent drive for improvement over a long period of time.  WELL DONE!

Anti Bullying Ambassadors


Last week, some of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors were given the chance to meet Ben Smith, the 401 Marathon Man at Barton Peveril College.  Ben spoke about his life and the reasons why he decided to set himself the incredible challenge of running 401 Marathons in 401 days.  He told our students that it was to raise awareness of bullying, having been the target of bullying whilst he was at school. This was an incredible occasion and it was truly moving to hear what Ben had been through and how hard he is working to promote this cause.


Warwick castle Visit - 24 March


On Friday 24th March, thirty one Year 8 and Year 9 pupils went on a day trip to Warwick Castle. The day included live science shows produced by the Big Bang exhibitors. There were hands-on workshops where students worked in pairs to make electrical circuits and they learned the basic principle of Physics by testing their speed, strength and reactions using cutting edge sports testing equipment. The event included a Rocket Show, a Watch Fire & Ice Show and, last but not least, Birds of Prey.  In-between sessions, pupils had the chance to explore the Castle, walking the walls and also finding their way in and out of the Maze.  Our pupils were highly praised for their exemplary behaviour not only at the venue but also on the coach as well.

Sponsored Reading


Our sponsored read in celebration of World Book Day managed to raise a fantastic £500 this year: the highest amount ever raised for this event. Every pupil who took part chose an Usborne book to keep for themselves and the rest has been used to purchase new books for the library. With the total raised from the sponsored read and book orders from staff and pupils during our recent book fair, we will have over £700 worth of new Usborne books for the library for all to use and borrow. A huge thank you to every pupil who took part and friends and family who kindly sponsored their reading.


PTA 'Fashion Trends' Event raises £400


WELL DONE and THANKS to our hard working PTA who raised a magnificent sum in one night from their Fashion Trends event.  This was a fun evening and a great opportunity to relax with friends, hear about the latest fashion trends and grab those all important bargains.  The evening was well attended and even the Pupil Leadership Team raised £89 with their raffle which will go towards re-vamping the quad area.  Next time we run this event it would be really great to see even more people racing to the clothes rails!  Thanks also to all the volunteer models who really helped to make the evening so pleasant and good humoured and our PTA chair who organised the whole thing so efficiently.



The models take their final bow.  Thank you to those ladies who stepped in at the final moment to do their twirls!



Drinks, Refreshments and the Raffle run by the Pupil Leadership Team who are raising funds for seating areas and plants in the quad area so that pupils have somewhere new and beautiful to relax in the summer.


VI Rowing - National Championships


On Saturday 18 March, two of our VI students from Years 10 & 8 were entered to represent Hampshire Schools at the special invitation of the National Indoor Rowing Competition.  This event was supported and funded by Solent Sport and during the day there were additional activities provided by organisations, companies, teams and charities both in and outdoors.  Our Year 10 student came fifth and our Year 8 student came second winning her a silver medal.  Both were really pleased with their achievement.  Well DONE!


Hampshire U15 Girls Rugby Champions


On Thursday 23rd March Toynbee U15 Girls rugby  won the Hampshire U15 Rugby championships. They had previously finished 2nd in year 8 and have trained hard for two years to try and go one better. After a close competition they narrowly pipped a strong Priestlands team to finish as champions!


British Science Week


To promote British Science Week, the Science Department presented assemblies all week to showcase some exciting Chemical changes including Dry Ice, Glowing reactions, Elephants Toothpaste and the Whoosh bottle to end the assembly with a bang!



 The theme for this year’s British Science Week is “Change”, encouraging young people to think about and investigate the changes happening in the world all around us; from seasons and climate, to materials and energy. It is also a chance for young people to consider the changes they can enact to have a positive impact on the future.



This week Key Stage 3 pupils are going to be presented with a scientific issue to investigate: “How can we clean up Oil Spills?”  Pupils will be given recyclable material to use as a clean-up resource including plastic bottles and human hair! Students will then develop this further by designed and building their own machine that can be used to not only mop up the most oil, but also collect and dispatch the oil in order to recycle it.





Globe Theatre - 'Taming of the Shrew' 20.3.17


Yesterday’s English Department trip to see ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ at the Globe theatre in London was a success, despite lashings of rain and some ‘tricky’ themes for us to wrestle with.  “It was awesome,’ said Ellie, ‘But Katherine should have socked her husband on the jaw!” which neatly summed up our view of his disturbing attitude to his wife.  “I liked the way you felt part of the performance as the actors walked amongst us,” said Bethan, which Alfie would definitely reiterate as he managed to high five/fist bump a couple of them as they passed him.

As with last year’s production of ‘Twelfth Night’, the company know how to engage a modern audience; there was an excellent fight scene full of grisly thumps, smacks and heads being bounced off the ground, and the cast burst into the odd pop song from the ancient ‘Love is in the air’ to a cracking version of Jessie J’s ‘Price tag’.

There was a colossal downpour for much of the performance which was another source of entertainment; Toynbee students and staff alike cheerfully watching the groundlings get utterly soaked from our sheltered gallery seats.  Cory noted thoughtfully that the weather ‘didn’t bring the mood down’.  Not for us, Cory.  Not for us.

As always, our students did us proud with their excellent behaviour, and enjoyed their visit to Shakespeare’s Globe. 


Toynbee's new Student Leadership Team


Toynbee’s new Student Leadership Team and Prefects were taken on an activity day to Runways End, to develop their team building skills. The students demonstrated excellent team work, supporting each other to complete activities beyond their expectations.  Mrs Douglas would like to thank the students for an amazing day, they were a credit to the school and highly praised by the centre for their participation.



Yr 8 Girls at IBM Mon 13 March


Monday saw 15 Year 8 girls visit IBM for a workshop in ‘Women in Technology”.  The session involved use of the X-box 360 in problem solving, programming the Lego Mindstorms to solve the Rubik’s cube and looking for creative and visual ways to solve complex technological problems.  The sessions were engaging and I hope we continue our upwards trend to have more girls taking up Computing as a subject at KS4.  See the Year 8 girls' Lego Robot here.



Comic Relief - Dance World Record


Yesterday, hundreds of pupils dressed in hoodies and wearing comic relief noses joined in with an attempt to break a Dance World Record.  The event was organised by our Year 11 Student Leadership Team who had 'beating a world record' as one of their goals when they were elected.  Whilst we await for the video to be validated we would like to say a HUGE WELL DONE to everyone involved and for raising money for Comic relief as well.  A great idea and a fun event.



Daily Echo Coverage of Toynbee's World Book Day


Holocaust Survivor - Dorit Oliver Wolff


The Humanities department were delighted to welcome back Dorit Oliver Wolff to Toynbee for the second year running to talk to year 9 pupils about her life, specifically her experiences as a young Jewish child in Nazi occupied Hungary.  The horrors of her story were made clear in her explanations of being taken away from her mother to a concentration camp after her landlady found out she was Jewish.  Her stories of life in the camp were horrifying but also uplifting as she described ‘nit racing’ and her passion for singing which kept her hope alive. After the Holocaust Dorit went on to fulfil her dreams as a singer.  It was a talk of highs and lows but with a clear message of resilience and courage.  Year 9 were exceptional and Dorit commented on how much she enjoys coming to Toynbee as "pupils are so well behaved, engaged and interested."


VI Pupils on the Radio


This week 6 of our VI pupils (collectively known as the ‘Sonic Explorers’) spent the day at Hightown Recording Studio.  The pupils took part in vocal warm ups, song-writing and recording activities.  All pupils were able to demonstrate their musical abilities from singing to drumming to using a range of percussion instruments.  A great day was had by all.


Toynbee Celebrates 20th World Book Day


The English Department (dressed as the professors from Hogwarts) is leading the school in a celebration of reading and books today.  Pupils have enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters which have ranged from 'Hunger Games' to traditional favourites like 'The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe'.  The inventiveness of the costumes this year has been the best ever. Well Done everyone for raising funds for global and national reading projects and for highlighting the importance of literacy.







Awards Winners


In assemblies pupils have achieved awards for Academic Achievement and Excellence in the Classroom.  Well Done to the Spring term award winners!



G&T Trip to 'Science Live' in Oxford


On Tuesday 7th February forty year 9 and year 8 G&T pupils attended an exciting 'Science Live' show in Oxford.  Pupils had the chance to see and hear five of Britain’s top scientists, all working at the cutting edge of their specialisms.  The pupils were shown that science really does offer solutions for many of the world’s great problems.  The day was fast-moving, exciting, thought-provoking and gave our students the chance to raise issues with the scientists. Our pupils demonstrated exemplary behaviour throughout the day and received many compliments on their attitudes from the organisers.

PDL Day No 2


Year 7 ‘Inspirational people & Their Teams’

Nobody can claim success just through their own resources. Year 7 learnt how many of our most successful celebrities and people in public life depend on others’ skills, abilities and talents to support and guide them on their way.  To start the day Year 7 were asked to dress up as the person they found most inspirational to them at the moment and then throughout the course of the day listened and questioned a variety of external speakers who had all experienced whatever we call ‘success.’  Students dressed up as their parents, suffragettes, Harry Potter & members of the Armed Forces.  We even had some of our students as role models of success, presenting;  the ever popular, Brandon Hulcoop, some ex Pupils now in the Paramedics, millionaire businessmen & a representative from the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Brandon in Year 10 presenting to Year 7 for two hours on his achievements

Year 7s captivated by inspirational truths from Teenage Cancer trust, business men and women as well as heroes from the Medical profession

Year 8 ‘My future, My Career’

As our Year 8 pupils prepare to launch themselves into a three year GCSE course at the end of this year, we have brought forward all of our careers advice, online careers packages and options programme.  Local employers, local Colleges and Southampton University all attended to give valuable input into the day and provided the most effective and impactful advice and information.

Year 8s using the Careers Package 'Fast Tomato' to carry out their research

Year 9 ‘Be Safe, Stay Safe’

Year 9s experienced a range of inputs on Drug & Alcohol Awareness, including legal highs, Sexual Health including contraception and positive sexual relationships, and Personal Safety including online.  This type of advice and support is vital for our young people and Toynbee takes this responsibility towards our pupils’ personal development education very seriously. 

Listening to real life case studies on legal highs.


Learning about Contraception & Positive sexual relationships

Year 10 ‘British Values & Citizenship’

‘What does it mean to be British?’ ‘What do you think about Immigration and change in the UK?’ ‘What are the issues around Assylum’ and ‘What are the myths that surround any discussion on these topics?  Our pupils will be discussing and debating the myths, the facts & the politics of these topics and speaking to asylum seekers during the day.

A packed theatre as Year 10 listen to asylum seekers from the SWVG

Year 11 ‘ Maths & Science Revision’

The focus for Year 11 is on GCSE performance and tackling challenging topic areas in these core subjects, so extra time has been given to improving subject knowledge and revision strategies in these areas.  Some pupils are also being filmed taking part in discussions as part of the new English GCSE Speaking & Listening Tests’.  Everything is being done to prepare for the summer exams.


Camera shy Year 11s focusing on Revision & Time Management Strategies



Rotary Club Donation for VI pupils


Pupils from the VI Resource at Toynbee were delighted to receive 2 bikes kindly purchased by the Eastleigh Rotary club.  The bikes-a Pashley Trike and an Invacare Recumbent Handcycle-will be a welcome addition to the PE and fitness resources we have for use by our pupils with a visual impairment.  our Huge Thanks to the Rotary Club for their generous gift.


Harry Potter Night


On Thursday 02nd February in excess of ninety year 5 pupils from local primary schools descended on Toynbee for a magical ‘Harry Potter’ themed evening.  This is the third year that this event has been running, and by far the most successful.  We were also visited by Southampton University’s very own Quidditch team who did a demonstration for the children and then allowed them to try their hands at being a ‘chaser’, a ‘beater’, a ‘keeper’ or a ‘seeker’.



Our own Science department turned a lab into a potions-dungeon, and the pupils created rainbows in test-tubes using various ingredients.  This was all topped off by a trip to the LRC for a ‘History of Magic’ lesson where the year fives could eat some cake, drink some squash and listen to three superb Toynbee year 10s reading extracts from book series.  Overall, it was an enchanting evening and we’re already looking forward to welcoming our next set of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Slytherins in 2018!





Olympic Medallist Debbie Flood, visits Toynbee


We were extremely pleased to welcome British Olympian and triple World Champion Debbie Flood to our Satellite Rowing Club on Wednesday 25th January.  Debbie won Olympic silver medals from both Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 where she competed in the quadruple sculls. Debbie spoke to our students about her journey into the world of rowing, her personal experiences and the many sacrifices made in her pursuit of Olympic glory. Some of talented students who have already been recognised at County & national level received a masterclass on specific rowing techniques as well as individual technical advice to help them develop further during their land based training.   This was a truly inspirational workshop which will help develop the talent already shown by many of our Toynbee rowers.



Naomi House Hospice cheque for £670


Well Done again to the Year 11 Student Leadership Team who led the charity fundraising day before Christmas to raise money for Naomi House Hospice.  The team decided to ask pupils to 'wear a Christmas Jumper' for the day and pay a £1.  The whole school participated and raised enough money to almost pay for the wages of 1 nurse for a week.  The representative from Naomi House told Year 11 in assembly about the important work that the hospice carries out for children and young adults with life limiting illnesses.  Only 10% of their funding comes from government so the rest is a massive fundraising exercise and we are proud that our Toynbee pupils have played a part in this effort.


Our Local Hero!


To Brandon's delight he was taken completely by surprise recently when he turned up for an award ceremony which he thought was for his sister and found himself the winner of the 'Local Hero Award' at Salisbury Town Hall.  With many other nominations Brandon was shocked to hear his name read out and even more amazed when he was declared the winner.   The judges said that Brandon was a role model for young people with disabilities - proving that it is a positive attitude that can lead to some amazing achievements.  Brandon has previously won an international writer's award and he hopes to become a paralympian in the future.  We are very proud of Brandon's amazing award and wish him all the best in his future plans. 


You can read Brandon's wonderfully descriptive account of the evening HERE!


Year 11 Mock results Day 19 Jan


The stage was set!  The envelopes were ready!  Year 11 were tense!  What would the slip of paper inside their envelope reveal about their performance in the recent mocks? 

This is one of the events built into Toynbee's Year 11 revision and preparation for Post 16 life, careers and courses that enables our pupils to get a realistic view of how they are really doing in school.  Assistant Headteacher, Mr Lawrence addressed the year group and talked about their goals and resilience in the few months left at Toynbee before they sit their GCSE exams.


Primary Maths G&T 12 Jan


The Toynbee mathematics department, once again, organised a GOATs day for the junior schools within its community.  The events will be split into two separate sessions held over two days allowing more pupils to participate.

The first session was held on Thursday 12th January.  The theme of the event was 'challenge' where the group of talented youngsters completed various mathematical tasks in a competitive environment.  This was well received by the young minds that are gifted in the subject and they left Toynbee full of inspiration and their minds stretched a little more than usual.  

The event was facilitated by our own Maths G&T pupil leaders at Toynbee, who not only worked hard to create a joyful day for the juniors but also presented themselves as good role models to those youngsters.  Challenging an intelligent young mind, even for one day, could be the beginnings of developing an imagination that lasts a lifetime.  Mrs Makewita.




Homework can take many forms: essays, poster designs, watching online revision podcasts but none can be more enjoyable than edible homework. This is a cake made by one of students to illustrate his science lesson on 'Satellites'.  A very popular outcome for the students in class.!


Anti Bullying Week


During Anti-Bullying week students throughout the school were involved in a variety of activities but the most visible one was Toynbee’s Trust Tree of Anti-Bullying.   Our Trust Tree flourished with leaves which told of times when students have overcome bullying or how they would prevent it if they knew about it. It is visible for students in the school to stop and look at and is a constant reminder of Toynbee’s work with Anti-Bullying. 



A big congratulations also to our 3 winners of the Poster Competition and our Special Recognition Winner! All entries were brilliant and it was very hard to pick 3 winners, so well done to all that entered and you can now see the winners posters located around the school.


Christmas Jumper Day Fri 16 Dec Raised £670. 


The money raised will go to Naomi House Hospice




Wear your best Xmas top & bring in £1 to support Naomi House Hospice


Geography Quiz Team


Congratulations to our Year 10 Geography Quiz Team for coming 3rd in the Hampshire Geographical Association quiz.  The team performed brilliantly, answering questions on geography in the new and the local area. Thank you to the students for competing and to the Hampshire GA for organising.  Mrs Breckenridge.


Our new Latin & Ballroom Star!


Victorious in the Winter Gardens competition in Blackpool! Our student, Leah Porter, has just won the National Solo event for Latin and come third in Ballroom.  With thirteen hours of practice a week over the last five years and now with this success, we are sure she will achieve even more with her new male partner. We wish her all the best for her future.


Year 7 Careers


On Friday, Year 7 were treated to an afternoon of Theatre-In-Education, with a performance from Enact. The performance showed students the importance of thinking about their futures and making positive choices. Students were taken on a journey through understanding vocational and academic routes to study, and the differences between them. We visited the jungle, had a performance from Honey C, and even a year group mannequin challenge, all to support students with making decisions about their futures.


Year 9 G&T STEM Visit to Southampton University


Another successful visit to Southampton University yesterday.  This time, our Year 9 G&T girls enjoyed a hands on activity day designed to enthuse and inspire females in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Manufacture) subjects.  The girls were a credit to the school throughout the day and received many compliments on their involvement & participation levels.


Toynbee Raises £2,791.43p for

Young Minds Charity


Presentation Evening 2016


Last night we welcomed ex Year 11s back to Toynbee to collect their GCSE certificates and subject awards.  A wonderful 71% of Toynbee pupils achieved grade c or above in Englsh & Maths this year.  Councillor Peter Edgar, a strong supporter of the school, was guest of honour.  In his presentation speech he talked about the motivational ethos of Toynbee and recounted two stories which helped to shape his future; a football injury which ended the possibility of a professional career and a significant meeting in King Alfred's College which set him on a course for teaching.  We were also delighted to welcome back guests Graham Hinves & Jim Vaughan to present the trophies and cups they left as a legacy on their retirement from teaching.



There were many highlights of the evening; over 60 subject awards were given in recognition of high academic achievement; a musical rendition of 'Someone Like You' performed by an ex-pupil and our Oustanding Academic Achievement award which was awarded to our Head Boy who gained 12 A* in his GCSEs.



Chemistry Competition @ Portsmouth Grammar


On Thursday 17th November four Toynbee pupils took part in the  “Top of Bench” Chemistry competition, run by RSC at Portsmouth Grammar School. Pupils had to carry out two investigations by using unknown equipment with as little instructions as possible and do some difficult chemistry  calculations. Here is some of the feedback received from the Host school: "Team 5 certainly had a good bash at it, making a good impression on the members of staff monitoring their room on the day. Their performance in the test was comparable to the rest of the competition, as was their ‘love meter’ explanation. Team 5's performance on the Calgon activity was quite strong with their overall answer being essentially correct.” Well Done to our Team 5.


Something to Shout About!...

Toynbee's Progress 8 Scores


Wonderful work in Textiles


Having completed their latest textiles unit of work, here are some of our Year 7 pupils with their finished hats which they wore home - what a creative and stylish bunch they are!


Muay Thai Boxing Team GB Selection


Toynbee’s very own Jordan Swinton in Year 11 has recently been selected for Team GB for his sport, Muay Thai Boxing! Jordan has been practising the sport since he was 7 years old and progressed incredibly well; he has now been ranked 3rd in the Country for the sport and is very dedicated to training & fitness sessions. Recently Jordan attended trials in London and following this his coach was informed that he has been selected for Team GB as they were incredibly impressed with how he performed. He will be competing in a tournament in late January for a place in the World Championships. Everyone at Toynbee wants to wish the biggest congratulations to Jordan for this amazing achievement and Good Luck for January!!


Eastleigh Youth Conference


Yesterday, 4 year 10 students and 4 year 9 students attended the Eastleigh Youth Conference at Barton Peveril. The event was organised by Eastleigh Borough Council and was an excellent opportunity for students to take part in a variety of workshops.  Workshops covered themes such as anxiety, stigma, coping strategies & mental health.  The day was fun & informative with lots of practical activities and a short performance which summarised the problems young people face. Our Toynbee students now hope to relay this information to others in school to help support students suffering with mental health issues. Mrs Douglas would like to thank the students who attended: you represented Toynbee school well and your participation was fantastic!


Living Rainforest - Yr 7


On the 14th November, 40 year 7 pupils travelled to Newbury to visit the Living Rainforest. The trip gave students the chance to experience the sites, sounds and humid climate of the tropical rainforest biome, without having to travel too far! During their visit, students were given the opportunity to work independently to investigate survival techniques and the dynamic characteristics of each layer in the rainforest. In addition, they were given a guided tour of the amazing adaptations of animal and plant species that live there. These included the poison dart frog, Indonesian water monitor (in the photo) and plants such as the "Swiss Cheese plant"; which has holes in to allow sunlight and water to pass to developing plants on the forest floor. All students were respectful and engaged well with their teachers and tour guides. Their next challenge is to use what they've learnt in their endangered ecosystems unit back at school.  Thank you year 7s for being such a pleasure to take out for the day! Mrs Breckenridge. 




Remembrance Service 11 Nov 2016


Today members from our Pupil Leadership Team were invited to attend the Armistice Day Remembrance Service at the War Memorial in Eastleigh.  Following the service the students placed a wreath at the war memorial; it was a very moving service and an honour to have been asked to attend.



Our school Sports Hall was a special place of remembrance today.  Students were offered the choice of attending a service of poetry , music and words which celebrated the sacrifice of previous and current generations in conflict.




The Counting House & The Total ....so far! £2,357.17p





Day 5 11 Nov 'Hair Chop & Tug of War'


Brave Mrs Makewita volunteered to have her locks cut off by students for the 'Young Minds' charity.  Having collected sponsorship all week from staff and students, her hair was braided and then cut at lunchtime today.



Banana Man even made a flying visit to the school when he heard of Mrs Makewita's heroic efforts to raise money for charity.


Day 4 Thur 10 Nov 'Student Sumo'


Exciting battles, flying leaps, ground wrestling - we had it all, and it was fabulously funny to watch.  Students have enjoyed the Sumo suits as much as ever and provided great entertainment to everyone.  Superbly organised and refereed by the Year 11 Student Leadership Team.





Day 3 Wed 9 Nov 'Sumo Wrestling'


Fierce battles and interesting rugby style tactics were used by staff to gain victory over their components inside the sumo suits.  Once again, a popular activity with our pupil audience but even more so when the pupils wear them tomorrow.




Day 2 Tuesday 8 Nov 'Karaoke'

Headteacher Leads Singalong


Today pupils flooded into the Theatre to watch staff perform some of their favourite hits.  With Honey G Burnett performing 'Ice Ice Baby', James Arthur making an appearance (thank you Mr Bartlett), Mrs Evans reliving life as the 'Dancing Queen',  No Direction belting out 'History' and a grand finale by the Headteacher & Mrs Vallance of 'Don't Stop Believing' - the audience enjoyed a great lunchtime and their contributions raised further funds for 'Young Minds'.


Day 1 Monday 7 Nov

Survivors of the 'Bleep Test'


A packed Sports Hall witnessed staff taking the place of students in the Pe Dept's notoriously challenging,  'Bleep Test'.  Survivors of the highest levels are pictured above and their cheering supporters below.  All raising funds for 'Young Minds' the Students leadership Team's chosen charity this year.


Charity Week gets off to a flying start

...with the Student Leadership Team's Bake Sale!





Hampshire Book Awards 2016


Selected Year 9 students who participated in the reading, judging and voting for the Hampshire Book Award 2016 saw the winner, Jo Cotterill, receive her Award at the Winchester Guildhall. Jo gave a very entertaining and amusing presentation on how she got into writing and the background to the winning book Looking at the Stars followed by a question and answer session and then a book signing for the pupils from the 43 Hampshire schools who took part.


Woofability & Yr 8


This is the lovely Bella, the Woofability assistance puppy that current Year 8s raised money to buy last year through their charitable activities; cake sales & fun sports.  Bella is 6 months old now and in the process of being socialised. She will visit the school again in both Spring and Summer terms so the students can see her growing and progressing. Isn't she beautiful?


Rotary Club & Yr 7 Xmas Boxes


The Chandlers Ford Rotary Club visited school yesterday to collect the Christmas boxes created and donated by Year 7 pupils.  The representatives discovered that pupils had spent a long time planning the contents and finding just the right things to put inside them.  This year the pupils have beaten all previous records by donating 42 boxes.  WELL DONE!


Flood Proof Homes & MAC skills


As part of PDL day, pupils learnt about the global issue of flooding and then with a limited budget and materials built a flood proof home to their own design.  These were tested out in assembly with buckets of water simulating torrential rainfall.  Above are the winning teams and the best models are below. 


Fryern Harvest Festival & MFL Fun 

Year 3 sing in Spanish at Fryern Junior’s Harvest Festival service

The Year 3 classes at Fryern Junior School made their teachers and parents very proud recently at their Harvest Festival service in church. They sang a song: ‘’El otoño ya llegó’’ all about the arrival of autumn in Spanish complete with actions for every line! Their fabulous performance on the day was a result of intensive practice with Mrs. McCormick from Toynbee Languages Department and the Year 3 teachers across two weeks. The children belted out the song with great confidence and superb pronunciation during the celebration at church. Mrs McCormick felt so proud when one of the pupils reported in the following Spanish lesson: ’’We got the biggest clap of all the songs performed on the day’’.  What a show – well done Year 3!   Mrs. McCormick


Literacy Fright Night 20 Oct


Led by the English Dept and inspired by 'Frankenstein', Year 7 pupils enjoyed dressing up in Halloween costumes and writing spooky stories for the evening.











Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 20 Oct


Well Done to our Year 9 & 10 volunteers who have now completed their training to be anti- bullying ambassadors around the school. 


'History Live' with English Heritage


Friday 14th October saw the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and to celebrate, 21 year 7s were given the chance to take part in a Live Lesson produced by English Heritage. The group were first tasked with interpreting the Bayeux Tapestry to find the real cause of King Harold’s death before linking up to a live feed from Battle Abbey, hosted by the Historian Dan Snow. The group all enjoyed themselves and said ‘it was great how they used actors to show us where the two armies were positioned on the field and the hill. We also saw parts of a re-enactment of the battle which showed us how it was fought and what tactics were used. I learned how the Saxons set up the shield wall and why it was so successful. I also learnt how the two armies set themselves up. I enjoyed learning the facts and seeing the weapons that were used.”



The session was a great way to commemorate such an important event in British history and will hopefully help Year 7 with their upcoming assessment on the Battle of Hastings, where they will explain whether they think William won, or Harold lost the Battle.


Gold Paralypian inspires our VI pupils


Today 5 VI pupils were invited to participate in the Schools Wheelchair Sports Festival at Fleming Park Leisure Centre.  Pupils had the opportunity to have a go at Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby as well as enjoy a range of accessible bikes from Cycles4All.  Not only that, but they met David Smith, Boccia Gold Medallist from the Paralympics in Rio.  The pupils had a fantastic time, even returning with medals of their own!


PDL Day No 1 18 Oct 2016

Today the whole school is off timetable to focus on topics and themes which are relevant to our students' life skills and future.  We have been very lucky in the support we have received from our parents, local businesses, educational providers & Southampton University; all of whom have helped us to deliver an exciting programme of events.  Thank you for giving up your time to Toynbee School.


Year 7 - Mathematical skills & Floods


...students used their mathematical skills to buy construction materials to build a home that will withstand flooding.  Model houses will be tested in Friday's Year 7 assembly.







Year 8 - Democracy Day


...examining rights and laws then building a campaign to vote on



Year 9

Careers & Future Planning

...presentations from local businessmen & women accompanied by careers research and college offers.



Year 10 - LGBT & a Charter for Toynbee


...raising awareness of the issues, having a dedicated teacher to support, fundraising activities, negative APs for homophobic language, more discussion days like this,....all ideas that the students have suggested.





Year 11 - College applications & CV writing




...along with some juggling and cup challenges to develop brain power for revision!





Yr 8 History Visit to Basing House

13 Oct


On the 13th October, 38 Year 8 Toynbee pupils went to Basing House as part of their work in History on the English Civil War.  At Basing House they got to see the remains of the site that saw a key battle in the Civil War.  During the morning, pupils took part in a range of activities which included dressing up as soldiers & then examining a range of artefacts to work out what they were used for and what type of soldier would have used them.  Students also had a chance to study original archaeological artefacts that were found on the site which give vital clues as to what happened at Basing House. 


In the afternoon pupils combined their geographical and historical skills to complete a GPS activity around the site.  The staff at Basing House were very impressed with Toynbee’s pupils.  Thanks to everyone involved – Miss Butler.

Postscript - a letter of thanks from the guides at Basing House, sent to Toynbee School, which we would like to share. "I’m glad the pupils enjoyed the day, and as usual we really enjoyed having them and you. Both Nicola and I appreciated their interest and engagement in the Civil War sessions, and I can honestly say that overall Toynbee are amongst the best behaved students with positive attitudes who visit Basing House – primary and secondary included! Also, for me to walk into the Education room at the end of the day and for all the stools to be stacked and the room clean and tidy was such a bonus!"




Toynbee's first ever recipients of the special badge in recognition of achieving 250 Achievement Points. Well done to our Year 8 pupils.


BAKE OFF continues with Hot cross Buns


PTA focuses on Improving Literacy via FREE BOOKS for ALL Year 7 pupils.


Excited Year 7 pupils create a real “Bookbuzz” around the school as each of them is given a new book to keep, read and enjoy. Supporting our literacy focus on reading and encouraging reading for pleasure, the PTA kindly funded a FREE BOOK for every pupil in the year group selected from this year’s choice of novels included in  The Booktrust’s Bookbuzz scheme. A big thank you once again to our PTA.


Bake Off at Toynbee


For the next 10 weeks Year 7 pupils are battling it out against one another making sponges, pies, and bread to become Star Baker.  This weekly competition has become so popular, like the TV programme, that there is a waiting list for pupils to participate.  Staff judges have been able to feast on a variety of delicious bakes to ensure that pupils' creations taste as good as they look..



Top achieving students who were delighted to receive straight As and A*s in their GCSEs.

Read the Headteacher's newsletter for a detailed breakdown. 




Hot off the press! Confirmed today after a sound check at the Summer Sessions, Swan Centre, Eastleigh we have a fabulous young band opening the festival after the Mayor's short speech - The Bigger Mondays.  Check out their Facebook page.    We hope all their fans and friends pop along to the festival and bring a scarecrow with them for Scarecrow Avenue! 



A massive thank you to the PTA for making a sizable contribution to the new GCSE Geography resources. This will help both the students and teachers prepare for the new requirements of this course. Many thanks, from the Geography Department.