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Guidance Managers
We have 5 Guidance managers, one for each Year group.  If you have a particularly serious or ongoing concern regarding your child you may wish to contact the Guidance Manager.

We want you, our parents, to feel that you are well informed about school events and know who and how to contact someone about your child if you need to.  To help our parents, we use a variety of communication channels. 
The tutor
Your child’s first contact point in the school day is their tutor and we would advise you to use this as your first port of call too.  A child’s tutor plays a vital role in the well being of your child while they attend school as they monitor homework, academic progress, attendance, punctuality and uniform as well as teach them the tutor programme which consists of literacy & numeracy skills, personal development topics and current affairs.
Pupil Planner
When your child joins Toynbee School they are issued with a Pupil Planner.  This enables your child to note down homework details but it also has a section for parents to write in messages to tutors and teachers.  Please use this communication link.

School Comms
Many parents are already familiar with this communication link from Primary school.  We use ‘School Comms’ to send you notification emails and text messages.  To do this, we must have your up to date email address.  If you are not already signed up to School Comms, please do so as you will find it helps you to stay in contact with school events, revision classes, workshops, Parents Evenings and School Awards evenings much more easily.  Use this email address to contact us about signing up:-
You will appreciate that in cases of emergency or accident the school MUST be able to contact you immediately or a designated adult, by phone, so it is important that we have your most up-to-date telephone contacts on our system.  Please check your child’s area of the Parent Portal to see if our system has your details inputted correctly.  If not, please let us know by emailing:-
Our reception is open from 8.30 to 4.30 Monday to Thursday and 4pm on Friday.  You are always welcome to come in and talk to our receptionist about who is best to answer any queries you may have or if you want to drop off forgotten lunches, cookery ingredients or sports kit.  The answerphone service is checked regularly throughout the school day.
Google Calendar
Our google calendar on the website is updated daily with trip and event details.  Where possible we include the departure and arrival times as well as details about lunches and uniform.  Some parents synchronise their own devices with our calendar so that they get regular alerts which you may also wish to do.

The Pe dept uses twitter to notify teams and parents about matches and games. 
Toynbee Twitter

Year 7 - Miss F Durrant  f.durrant@toynbee.hants.sch.uk
Year 9 - Mrs M Vallance   m.vallance@toynbee.hants.sch.uk
Year 10 - Miss L Harding  l.harding@toynbee.hants.sch.uk
Year 11 Miss M Petty    m.petty@toynbee.hants.sch.uk
Year 8 Mrs M Sanchez   m.sanchez@toynbee.hants.sch.uk

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