Head of Department: Mrs N Azor
Teachers: Mrs C Riddell, Miss T Parrot, Mrs S Keane
Year: 7
Autumn First Half Introduction to Drama
Tableau, mime, team work skills, mask, themed on the wild west.
Autumn Second Half “Blue Remembered Hills”
Using abridged scripts to look at status, characterisation skills, comedy, staging, thought tracking, split screen, abstract.
Spring First Half Characterisation
Scheme to focus purely on improving characterisation skills.
Each week different fun characters! Old people, soldiers, children, teachers.
Spring Second Half Melodrama:
Sweeney Todd
Exploring the history of the genre fully before moving on to telling the despicable story of Sweeney Todd through melodrama. 
Summer First Half Kensuke’s Kingdom: Physical Theatre
Using the KS2 text to explore bodies as objects, action narration, abstract and physicalising a text.
Summer Second Half Genre: Superheroes
Using various superhero and villain stimuli to study the conventions of the genre and developing understanding of the term genre.

Year: 8
Autumn First Half Off-Text Improvisation: Adrian Mole.
Using extracts from the play as a stimulus, students will create a number of scenes and develop their characterisation skills.
Autumn Second Half Script Study: Stone Cold
Using the script, pupils will develop characterisation skills as well as the issue of homelessness.
Spring First Half Comedy
Looking at the different forms of comedy: slapstick, verbal, physical, farce, etc, and
Spring Second Half Music / Drama unit

To be developed
Summer First Half Genre Devised Project
Pupils create their own pieces over the half term based on a genre of their choice: Comedy, Horror, Drama
Summer Second Half Devised Mini Projects
Students will develop and produce their own short pieces each lesson from a variety of stimuli. E.g. paintings, music, props. 
Year: 9
Unit 1 “Blood Brothers”
Studying the script, looking at themes of class, as well as characterisation skills.

Unit 2 Physical Theatre - Transforming a simple script into something much more adventurous, creative and exciting. “The King’s New Clothes”.
Perform to lower year group.
Unit 3 “I don’t like Mondays”.
Looking at the story of Brenda Spencer in USA to create themed work and Impros.

Unit 4 Devising Project
Pupils take part in a number of one off workshop lessons based on a variety of stimuli, e.g. painting, photo, and must incorporate skills such as puppetry, tableaux, etc. Then progress to making own full length performance
Unit 5 Murder at Murder Mansion
Students create a melodramatic piece using the murder mystery genre as a device.
Lead to a showcase evening.

Year: 10
Autumn First Half Intro to character and style. Using impro and the play “Teechers” by  John Godber (a stylized comedy.
Leads to devised exam - 8 weeks
Autumn Second Half Physical Theatre - The Perils of Pauline/ Government Inspector
Using physical theatre and Godber style comedy to bring a script to life. 
Script exam 6 weeks
You will create your own performances on a theme.
Impro exam - 6 weeks
Spring Second Half A Class Play
Everyone will be cast in the play leading to a large scale performance to an audience. Examples: The Crucible/Salem, Blue Remembered Hills, Animal Farm, The Exam, Much Ado About Nothing, Midsummer Nights Dream.
Scripted exam - largest performance of the course with audience, costumes, etc.
Summer First Half Same as Spring Second Half
Summer Second Half Same as Spring Second Half

Year: 11
Autumn First Half “Murder Mansion” (Improvisation & Theory)
Complete assessment from end of Year 10. Theory work on Section A of the paper throughout.

“Blood Brothers” (Scripted and Theory)

Explore the play for theory and practical work (Section B of written exam).
Autumn Second Half “Blood Brothers” (cont’d)  for theory and practical work until mid-November.

Final Practical Pieces
Pupils are put into small groups and given script/stimulus for final practical piece to be externally moderated.
Spring First Half Final Practical Pieces (cont’d)
Pupils continue to rehearse the final pieces, including after-school rehearsals. They also recruit a lighting and sound technician and rehearse the piece with them.
Spring Second Half External moderation We are visited by an external moderator who will watch and grade the pieces in approximately the 1st or 2nd week of this half term (date is normally confirmed by the board before Christmas). Once the moderation is completed, we then go on to:

Preparation for theory exam.
Every lesson will now be focussed on the theory exam, technique, and key materials needed.
Summer First Half Preparation for theory exam (cont’d) Until the written exam is completed (normally just before the half term holiday)
Summer Second Half Pupils have completed their GCSE Drama, and no longer need to attend Drama classes.

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